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We provide online trainings for Agisoft PhotoScan.
You learn the creation of orthophotos, point clouds and digital surface models.

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We developed two educational trails: In first one – for beginners – we introduce you to the software and its basic functionality. We show you how to install the software and process your first demo project. The Second one is for more advanced users, which are already familiar with the software and want to focus on processing UAV data.

Educational Trails

We currently finalize our educational trails. If you are interessted in one of them, please share your contact details via the newsletter formular with us. We inform you as soon the educational trails are ready!
  • 1. First Steps

    We show you where to get a free trial version, how you manage to download it and install it on your computer.
  • 2. Graphic User Interface

    We will introduce you to the basics of the user Interface and functionalities.
  • 3. First Demo-Project

    You will learn the necessary workflow to process your first 3D-modell.
  • 1. Theoretical Principles

    We build the foundation for your success by explaining the basic principles and techniques, which are used by Agisoft PhotoScan.
  • 2. Poject Preparation and Planning

    A proper preparation is vital for the success of your processing jobs. We explain you what to consider and how you will achieve valid processing results.
  • 3. Data formats, stages of processing and data handling

    The foundation of correctly output data is the combination of data its handling. We introduce you to the proper workflow – step by step.
  • 4. Settings, optimization and common problems

    Agisoft PhotoScan is a resource-consuming software. We elucidate how you can improve the performance and provide you with recommendations for hardware optimization. In addition, we refer to common mistakes
  • 5. Export, Interfaces and Further Processing

    The results in Agisoft PhotoScan are often just the basis for further complex geo data analysis. We show you common interfaces and tools for further data processing.
  • 6. Coordinates and Reference Systems as well as EXIF-Geotags

    The accurate spatial position of information is the essential element of high-quality geo data. We explain you the common systems and where you need to pay attention.
  • 7. Interaction of UAV and GCPs in Agisoft PhotoScan

    If you work with UAV-systems that depend on ground control points (GPC) to acquire highly accurate data you need to take some important things into account. You will learn the necessary workflow.

Your Agisoft-Training Team

Picture of Heiko Störkel

Heiko Störkel
Agisoft-Trainer H. Störkel is mainly responsible for the english courses

Picture of Sascha Heising

Sascha Heising
Agisoft-Trainer S. Heising is mainly responsible for the German courses

GeoMon was founded in 2013 with the aim to establish itself as a high quality spatial data service provider. In the meantime, the company serves numerous smaller and larger companies mainly from the open mining industry but also in related areas, in particular regarding environmental topics. As recognized experts of drone data GeoMon is represented at various international trade fairs, conferences, exhibitions and lectures on the subject. The company has also specialized in the processing of data through Agisoft Photo Pro and perfected this workflow in daily work. In addition the company maintains several partnerships to Agisoft and UAV manufacturers to always work at the cutting edge. The team designed the Agisoft online training to highlight the advantages of Structure-from-Motion processing for a wider audience with different level of knowledge.

GeoMon cooperates with the following companies to ensure high quality results:

 The sample project for Agisoft PhotoScan Pro was very descriptively, well prepared and gave me a realistic insight into the work with the software. 

Mario Strecker, CEO
Flying Sensors

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